What is a tomato pay affiliate partner?

tomato pay affiliate partners are select businesses that service business customers and want to offer these businesses an easier, faster, and cheaper way to pay and get paid, whilst benefiting from a revenue share program.

tomato pay affiliate partners play a critical role in supporting our mission of helping businesses to do better business. Affiliate partners work with us to refer businesses to tomato pay through a variety of channels, collaborate with our team on co-marketing initiatives, and ultimately to benefit from revenue share through the viral nature of payments.

Getting started

As an affiliate partner of tomato pay you can enable your customers to pay and get paid instantly, saving them up to 30x compared to other payment methods. Our affiliate programme allows your business to benefit from the virality of payments and earn revenue in the process.

How does it work?

It is very easy! You refer users and we pay you the agreed revenue share each quarter!

Affiliate partners will refer businesses to use the tomato pay app via different channels and marketing efforts. We will send you marketing guidelines you may want to follow and support you throughout the process to help you be successful with it!

Do you want to start talking about us to your business customers? Below are some guidelines that you may find useful.

Brand Guidelines

At tomato pay, we believe it is vital to maintain consistent messaging across all of our communications. As an affiliate partner, we would like to make sure that your efforts are aligned with our in-house tomato pay messaging. In order to do this, please use the following tomato pay description and logo where applicable.

Keep in mind: Before any promotional/marketing content that mentions tomato pay is sent out, it will need to be signed off by us. In light of this, please plan accordingly and leave a few days for our approval process when scheduling your marketing efforts.

tomato pay description

Please use the following description of tomato pay on your website when explaining what tomato pay is

Short version:
tomato pay is a simple, QR-code based payments and invoice app used by businesses and sole traders who want to receive payments in a fairer, cheaper and more ethical way.

Long version:

tomato pay is a simple, QR-code based payments and invoice app used by businesses and sole traders who want to receive payments in a fairer, cheaper and more ethical way.

Businesses and sole traders can benefit from our cost-effective QR-code payments solution with no hidden fees, which can save them money and time compared to their current payment systems. It offers them instant access to their money as the cash settlement happens almost immediately. It also offers access to all of their bank accounts and transactions in one place.

Businesses and sole traders can benefit from our quick and easy invoice solution. Invoices can be created within the app, with the option to give automated discounts / late penalties (pre-built into the app using gamification and behavioural science) and send nudges to remind customers and clients to pay. Plus, as you connect your bank account, digital payments are embedded within the invoice from the app - so no need to give your bank details, and receive money owed instantly into your account.

Everyone can support their local communities thrive by paying their neighbourhood businesses in a cashless, faster, cheaper, hassle-free way.

tomato pay logo

Please use the official primary red and pink tomato pay logo on your website (link below). If you need another secondary colour for any reason (reasons can include, it clashes with your chosen background, your colours are very similar) please let us know directly so we can accommodate.

Primary logo: [Link to Logo]

Setting up affiliate tracking with tomato pay

Before you start sending traffic and users to tomato pay, it is important to ensure that the correct UTM links are being used. This will enable us to properly attribute your conversions and pay out the correct revenue share.

What is an UTM link?

The UTM link is a link used to track conversion and to attribute the correct revenue share.

tomato pay will provide you with unique UTM links that you will need to use when inviting your customers to use tomato pay.

Please read through and follow the instructions below, to ensure that the proper affiliate tracking is in place:

How do I use the UTM link?

We will send you via email a list of UTM links to use in different scenarios (email, website and social media)

Whenever linking to tomato pay in email, social or web communications, please use following call to action:

To find out more on how your business can increase cash flow and pay less on transaction fees with tomato pay, click this link: {UTM link}

Whenever linking to tomato pay in your website or social media, make sure you select the correct UTM link we have sent you based on the marketing channel used.

What happens now?

We use a combination of UTM link tracking, deep link tracking, and event tracking in order to properly track and attribute converted users.

This means that once the correct UTM links are in place, we will be able to attribute the tomato pay users that have been referred in order to calculate affiliate payouts.

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