The maximum amount that can be transferred using Open Banking, which usesFaster Payments rails, is £250,000.

tomato pay does not impose any limits on transactions (beyond the £250,000 limit imposed by the Faster Payments scheme) as they are executed by your bank.

Please note: You may have limits in place with your bank. Please contact your bank to find out about what your limits are for transferring and receiving money and to amend those.

For instance, the Natwest group (NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, Northern Ireland and NatWest International) have the following daily limit in place:

  • Personal: £5k (can be amended by customer)

  • Business: £50k

  • Premier, via Open Banking: currently £20k (can be amended by customer)

  • Premier, via online banking and mobile app: £50k (can be amended by customer)

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