Once you have downloaded your tomato pay app, you will just need to:

  1. Click on "Sign up" and enter your full name, email address and create a strong password for your account.

  2. Enter your mobile number and the verification code that we have sent on your mobile.

  3. Choose your account type:

    1. Business if you have a limited company registered with Company House

    2. Sole Trader if your company is not registered with Company House (charity, self-employed, etc...)

    3. Personal if you are not trading or operating commercially.

  4. If you are a business or a sole trader enter the name of your company, the address and the industry.

  5. Enable notifications and face recognition.

  6. Verify your email address by opening the email we send from your phone and clicking on "Verify Email".

  7. Once the email is verified, choose the bank account you wish to connect and follow the instructions.

You are now set up and ready to start🎉

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